Tundra Fonder – the frontier markets specialist

Tundra Fonder is a Swedish asset manager specialising in frontier markets, the new emerging markets. Frontier markets include countries such as Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – countries which in many cases are among the fastest growing countries globally and that have the chance to become the new India or China. We manage our fund with local research offices in Asia and have one of the largest investment teams dedicated to frontier markets in the world. This is also reflected in our performance.

What we offer

  • Local presence: To have local presence in the regions where one invests matters greatly. A strong understanding of the local culture, language and economy improve the chances of an outperforming return. Tundra has research offices in Karachi, Pakistan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Large investment team: Tundra’s team is one of the largest investment teams globally focused frontier markets.
  • Sustainable research: Tundra has an ESG team dedicated to frontier markets.


  • Tundra Fonder was founded in 2011 by Anders Böös, Mattias Martinsson, Johan Elmquist and Per Axman.
  • Tundra is a partner owned firm with several of the employees being partners. The external shareholders include a Finnish insurance company. Tundra Fonder is incorporated in Stockholm and has research offices in Karachi, Pakistan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Tundra has been approved by the Swedish FSA to manage mutual funds and alternative investment funds as well as discretionary mandates.
  • Tundra is a member of The Swedish Investment Fund Association and SWESIF.