Information about processing of personal data by Tundra Fonder

Responsibility for personal data
Tundra Fonder AB, company registration number 556838-6303, Nybrogatan 34, 114 39 Stockholm, (‘the Company’) is the controller of personal data on this website. As of May 28, 2018, The General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) applies.  In accordance with the fundamental principles of the Swedish Personal Data Act, Tundra Fonder AB processes personal data in a legal, correct, and transparent manner in relation to the person whose personal data is processed.

Processing of personal data
When users provide personal data, in connection with the purchase of fund units for example, users must be given information about processing of personal data and must consent to this processing. The Company keeps a register of clients who have registered or purchased units in any of the Company’s funds. The register contains personal data such as name, personal identity number, postal address, telephone number, electronic addresses and information based on use of the Company’s services. The Company processes personal data for the purposes of determining how many fund units their clients own, sending statements to the Swedish Tax Agency, preparing and distributing settlement notes and semi-annual and annual statements and for marketing purposes. Personal data are disclosed to public authorities only where so required by law or official decision. Personal data are stored for the duration of the customer relationship and for a period thereafter, or in accordance with special legislation in the financial services sector such as the Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (2009:62), which normally means that the Company is required by law to retain personal data for a longer period than stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (2016/679). The information we keep about you as a subscriber includes your name, email, time when the newsletters were opened, IP address and location, email application as well as format. The information is only kept for internal use and is not shared with any outside party.

About cookies
Cookies are used on the Company’s website to see the number of new visitors or track an individual visitor either during a single session or for a longer period. This is done for statistical purposes and to improve the ease of use of the website. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may specify this in your browser settings, either so that the browser automatically denies the storage of cookies or so that you are notified every time a website requests storage of a cookie. You may also delete previously stored cookies through your browser.

Possible changes
How the Company processes personal data may evolve over time. Although the Company provides information about significant changes, regular visits to to access the current version are recommended.

Excerpt from the register
All users have the right, free of charge, to revoke consent, request an excerpt from the register or request correction/deletion of inaccurate information. If you wish to request an excerpt from the register, revoke consent, or correct/delete information, please refer to the Company’s personal data representative, who may be reached at:
Tundra Fonder AB att: Simon Norenius, Nybrogatan 34, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden.

All material on this web site is provided for general guidance and informational purposes only and relates to the law of Sweden and/or European law as applicable. Presentations is issued by Tundra Fonder AB (”Tundra”). The information – assumptions, opinions, valuations, recommendations etc – presented in this publication have been compiled by Tundra. The publication is based on generally available information from sources that Tundra believes to be reliable. However, Tundra cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. This presentation – as well as all or parts of its content – may not be duplicated or distributed under any circumstances without the written permission of Tundra.

Use of information
This presentation is intended exclusively for the use of Tundra’s clients in Sweden and is thus not intended for any individual or company in the USA, Canada, Japan or Australia, or in any other country where the publication or availability of the material is prohibited or restricted in any way. It is the responsibility of individuals or entities acquainting themselves with this presentation to inform themselves of and comply with these regulations. A legal entity may be prevented from investing in Tundra’s fund by law or internal regulations. Foreign law may prevent investments to be made from outside of Sweden. Tundra will not verify that investments from outside of Sweden are made in accordance with foreign law and Tundra will not accept responsibility for any such investments. It is the responsibility of persons reading this presentation to inform themselves of, and to follow these rules. Should any such person or company nonetheless accept offers from Tundra, of whatever kind they may be, it may be disregarded. No part of this presentation should be construed as a solicitation or recommendation to conduct or make use of any type of investment or to enter into any other transactions. The opinions expressed in this presentation reflect the present views of the participants and may thus be subject to change. The information in this presentation does not take into account the specific investment goal, financial situation or needs of any specific recipient. The information should not be regarded as a personal recommendation or investment advice. The client should always seek adequate professional advice before taking any investment decision and each such investment decision is taken independently by the client and at the client’s own risk. Tundra accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss of any kind arising from the use of this presentation.

The state of the origin of the Fund is Sweden. This document may only be distributed in or from Swizerland to qualified investors within the meaning of Art. 10 Para. 3,3bis and 3ter CISA. The representative in Switzerland is OpenFunds Investment Services AG, Seefeldstrasse 35, 8008 Zurich, whilst the Paying Agent is Società Bancaria Ticinese SA, Piazza Collegiata 3, 6501 Bellinzona. The Basic documents of the fund as well as the annual report may be obtained free of charge at the registered office of the Swiss Representative

Investments in financial instruments are associated with risk and an investment may both increase and decrease in value or even become worthless. Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. International investments, particularly those on new markets in developing and growth countries (such as Eastern Europe (including Russia), Asia, Latin America and Africa), are normally associated with a higher level of risk than investments in Swedish or other developed markets’ securities. These risks include both political and economic uncertainty in other countries as well as currency fluctuations. These risks are particularly high on new markets since these countries may have relatively unstable governments and immature markets and economies.